Video Content Marketing – Why all Brands Must Do It now

video content marketing
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Over the years as relevance of video content has increased, so has the importance of video content marketing. It has now become an integral part of the market strategy of every business, as with each passing day more and more businesses are building their marketing strategy around it, i.e., video marketing is central to their strategies. They are leveraging the power of social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo and benefitting from its high impact through social media video marketing.

Online video marketing is the much-needed extension of content marketing that businesses needed. So, let’s first understand what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating and carefully distributing valuable content in order to drive consumers towards your brand. Since video content has a huge influence on the social media, it has now become an integral part of content marketing.

Why Video Content Marketing is crucial?

why Video Content Marketing

First of all, let us comprehend the impact of videos on our buyer persona. Videos allow us to deliver our prospects in a way that our customers consume it well and help us to build a long-lasting impression on the viewer. By keeping video marketing central to our marketing model, we our empowered by the opportunity to tap in to the emotional side of our consumer. This further allows us to position our brand in the best way possible.

According to a recent research report from HubSpot, more than half of the consumers wish to watch videos of products from the brands as compared to other forms of content.

Video content adds value to our brand message and by 2021, 13% of the internet traffic will be from live videos. Videos on landing pages increases the conversion ratio by 80%

In case of video marketing, by going through analytics you can trace the response of people as well the unresponsive leads. It is also cost effective and guarantees a good ROI. Hence, business video marketing produces more and better engagement as compared to other forms of content which translates into more leads and sales.

We bring you a few tips that will help you to make videos that will contribute in your marketing model.

Find out your target audience

How to Find target audience

The very first step and also the most important step in the journey of video marketing is finding our target audience. By targeting audience of a certain tier, the video content marketing agencies like us can be more particular while drawing up the marketing strategy. Before deciding the purpose of the video, one should always decide who the video is going to target. If you know your buyer persona, you can go on and add emotional cues for your audience to follow and connect to. By creating videos that emotionally appeal to the consumers, i.e. personalized video marketing, you provide them with a reason to connect to your brand.

Catch and keep attention fast

To comprehend how much video content is available for our target audience to watch, let’s shed light on the fact that almost 500 hours of video content is being uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Hence, we have to create videos such that we are able to catch the attention of our audience as quickly as possible. The first few seconds of the video should be highly engaging and effective in order to catch the attention of the viewer and the rest of the video should be both informational as well as entertaining in nature so that the viewer watches your video to the end.

Tell your story

How to Tell story on Youtube

Video content marketing stands out from other forms of marketing because it allows us as marketers to experiment and be creative with our marketing techniques. It allows us to tell our story in a raw manner with an authentic narrative. A story is best retained when it has both audio and visual aids provided simultaneously. When you tell the story of your brand, people connect to it as it makes more sense to them and adds value for the viewer. This ultimately helps to create brand awareness among your target audience by giving them a positive experience. Telling your story is an important aspect of video content strategy and definitely helps in gaining youtube subscribers.

Consistency counts

How to be Consistent on Youtube

Long videos tend to be monotonous and boring and hence, fail to keep the viewer’s attention. To resolve the issue of holding attention can be solved by breaking down one big video into smaller videos. By doing so, you get the opportunity of showing different sides of your brand message in different videos. By ending your videos on a cliff hanger, you build curiosity in the viewer and hence encourage them to watch the next video. This tactic is widely used by video marketing services. By being consistent in this approach, the brands are able to create a better connection with their viewers and the viewers are better able to understand the brand’s message.

Plan the video thoroughly

How to Plan Youtube video

To gain maximum benefit from video content marketing strategy, you have to be clever about it. Since, every business is leveraging this form of marketing, hence, you have to stay one step ahead from the rest of the brands by demonstrating your competitive advantage with elegance in your video. For this, you have to plan your video before you hit record. First of all, keeping in mind the target audience, fully understand the purpose of the video. Each and every decision should follow back to this purpose. Secondly, be clear about the goal of the video, in other words what do you wish to achieve from the video, whether it is just brand advocacy or to sell a new product. Next thing to plan is the target location, if you will be marketing through Facebook or YouTube or any other platform. Use simple and conversational language in the video so that people connect and understand the purpose of the video in the first go. To avoid excessive footage and editing script your video beforehand in its entirety.

Make professional yet authentic videos

Youtube video marketing

Making professional videos might sound a tedious task and also an expensive one in YouTube video marketing. But with a few tricks you can work professionalism into your videos very easily. To begin with, you should shoot the video with a good quality camera. If you yet cannot afford one, a tripod and a smartphone with a fine quality back camera will work just fine. Next thing that you need is good lighting and audio equipment. A key light, a back light, a fill light to remove any unwanted shadows from the frame and a good quality microphone. Moving forward, make sure you have an in-office studio to shoot your videos in. It is necessary for video marketing services. A pair of sofas and a small coffee table can also work just fine until and unless they fit in the frame and the frame does not appear dull. Another thing to focus on is the camera presence of the person in the video. A good camera presence can make a viewer feel more connected while on the other hand, a poor camera presence will lead to a potential lead to drop out of the video due to poor connection. Keep your video authentic by using simple language and easy to follow conversations in your video.

Leverage the power of user generated content

User generated content

User generated content or user created content is simply any content in the form of testimonials, reviews, blogs or even images created by users and shared online on any social media platform such a Facebook or Twitter. It is as valuable as gold for video marketing agencies. Since, this content is generated by users it is both valuable and effective in nature. Use Radian6 by the salesforce company to analyze the positive and negative sentiments of the user generated content towards your brand. This gives you insight of your shortcomings and also of consumer expectations. Therefore, it is integral to your video content strategy. By giving value to the user generated content, we place power in the hands of our consumers, thus, creating a trust relationship between consumers and the brand. This also shows your consumers that they hold the prime importance for you. Initially buying Youtube subscribers from trusted resources is a great option.

Create demo videos for your products

How to create demo videos for products

We all know someone who does not like to read the instructions on a product to understand its specifications and working. But it’s also no secret that if given the choice we all would opt for an instructional video than an instructional manual. Hence, creating demo videos becomes another opportunity for the marketing folks to position their product. A demo video should comprise everything from unboxing of the product to putting it through a physical test along with all the necessary instructions to gain the consumer’s trust. It should aim to clear all the doubts that may come in a consumer’s mind about the product and its working. By creating demo videos, you also get the opportunity to promote and rebrand your product once again and helps your brand increase its prominence in the market. You can also create demo videos through influencer video marketing. This is a great way to convert your potential leads and sales and positively influence your conversion ratio, making your campaign a success and ultimately growing your Youtube channel.

Share customer reviews

How to get good reviews on Youtube

Positive customer reviews add a lot of value for a brand and hence, every brand shares their success stories in the form of case studies on their websites as these are their prizes and their knights in shining armors. By sharing positive reviews with your target audience, you deliver real value and also a powerful testament for your product. To bring these testimonials in the light, make sure you share positive experiences of your satisfied customers in your videos. This further helps you to influence your potential leads and increases your sales. Hence, it is crucial for your video content marketing strategy to bring forward customer reviews.

Analyzing results and shortcomings

How to Analyze Youtube

With the ever-changing scenario of online video marketing it is impossible to stick to just one strategy and to follow the same campaign. Thus, it is vital to the marketing landscape and video marketing strategists to interpret and analyze the impact of a campaign and to measure the shortcomings. Backend analytics play a crucial role in viral video marketing by monitoring and comparing the expected and the real time result of the campaign. Brands use metrics such as view count, click through rate, completion rate, conversion rate, play rate etc. to comprehend the success or failure of their campaign and to analyze their shortcomings.

From small businesses to big brands, today everyone is leveraging the power of video content marketing for themselves in order to gain more leads & sales, and the prominence of the platform of YouTube in the social media space has a huge role to play in it. Today, 87% of marketers are using video marketing in their marketing strategies. Why? – well, videos have a unique of catching attention and provoke though in the viewers. Thus, videos will always work and ill always be impactful. Thus, further proving to be a crucial tactic for every business in 2021.

The entire process of video marketing can seem a bit daunting in the beginning but when it is carefully embedded in an online marketing campaign, it will bear good fruit. It holds the power of influencing your conversion ratio and helps your brand grow and also get more subscribers on Youtube.

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