How to start a successful YouTube channel in 2021

How to start YouTube channel

As YouTube gains more and more prominence over other websites and search engines and YouTubers keep increasing their income flow, it’s only natural to want to finally start a YouTube channel you always had wished for.

In the beginning, the job of being a YouTuber may seem a bit tedious but if you play your cards right, you can be the next top YouTuber in your niche. To kick start things for your channel, you can buy YouTube subscribers who are real people and active YouTube users.

Learn here how to start a successful Youtube channel in 2021

  • Step wise guide to launch a YouTube channel
  • Importance of following each step
  • How to find a category for YouTube channel
  • How to brush up your YouTube channel page
  • How to produce quality content
  • How to optimize for more viewership
  • Importance of publishing regularly
  • How to build a community on YouTube
  • How to analyze YouTube Analytics

Follow this comprehensive guide to discover all the secrets to how to start a successful YouTube channel

Step 1: Find a theme for your channel

Find a theme for your channel

It’s no secret that the most successful YouTubers have a YouTube channel specifically dedicated to a category such as technology, fashion & beauty, gaming, DIYs, education etc.

Zero-in on your niche, so that it allows you to play to your strengths in terms of creating content as YouTube content strategy is just as same as any other form of content. By sticking to one theme, you can easily find your target segment and focus on them and in turn your viewers will also know what to expect from your channel. Furthermore, you can trace down your competitors and explore their channel, their plus points and their strengths. Your competitors can also become your source of inspiration.

Sticking to one theme also allows you to plan your content well in advance, in accordance with the theme or niche of the channel and you get the added advantage of deciding whether your video is going to be a review, or a tutorial, or educational or even a demonstration.

Hence, the first step in the process of how to start a YouTube channel, naturally becomes, finding a category for your YouTube channel along with its video content marketing.

Step 2: Brush up your Basics

How to start Youtube channel

The saying, “You don’t get a second chance at first impression” stands true here as well. When you start your YouTube channel, one of the first things you need to do is build a channel reflecting a sense of professionalism.

We begin this process by choosing a profile name. It is not advisable to change your channel profile name later on, as your viewers know you by that name. Hence, choose a profile name that stands relevant to your channel theme. Once you decide your channel theme and profile name, you can go on and create a channel tagline. A channel tagline acts like a phrase that summarizes the purpose of your channel. Creating a channel tagline is not mandatory but it helps you stand out among the YouTubers in your niche.

We then move on to the channel art. The channel art is like a cover picture for your channel. Your channel art is a great opportunity for you to introduce your channel and it can also feature your channel tagline. it should be highly engaging and relevant to the theme of your channel. YouTube suggests that your channel art should be of 2560 × 1440 pixels.

Next up, you have to create a channel icon. It acts like a thumbnail for your YouTube channel or your profile picture. It can be either a high-resolution head shot or a logo if you are a brand. YouTube recommends a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file with 800 × 800 pixels image or a square or round image that renders at 98 × 98 pixels.

The final part is the About Section. YouTube allows the creators to use this tab to add a channel description in maximum 1000 words. It provides you the opportunity to share why you created this channel, what to expect from your channel, address your target audience, rebrand your channel, promote your website and share your other social media profiles.

These tips work well if you are a beginner and wondering how to start a YouTube channel for beginners.

Step 3: Script, Plan and Rehearse your videos

Youtube video planning

After you decide your channel theme and build up your channel profile, the next at hand is the one you were eagerly waiting for- creating content! Once you decide the topic of your video, decide whether you, yourself, would be in the video or not. Following this, plan and jot down your script with the sequence of events in a natural order.

If you plan to be in the video, work on to improve your camera presence, so that your viewers connect better with you. Rehearse your script to avoid digressing from your topic of conversation and to keep the video from becoming boring, which will make a viewer drop out of the video.

Before recording a video, check out your competitors and then go on to produce only quality content better than your competitors. Only the best shots should end up in your final cut so that your video is a high quality and highly engaging end product.

Step 4: Optimizing the video title, tags and meta description

How to optimize Youtube video

The next step is optimizing your video title, the tags and the meta description using YouTube SEO techniques. You make your videos more discoverable by optimizing which leads to better ranking of your channel in the search engine of YouTube.

Your video tags are a great way to tell the YouTube algorithm what your video is about. Use long-tail keywords and their variants as tags. Your video description is another way to add value for your viewer. It allows you to describe your video. Use a few relevant keywords in your video description. You can also direct viewers towards other videos by providing links in the description box.

By optimizing your title, tags and description use ensure better ranking and maximum click through rate for your videos.

Pro Tip: Always optimize your videos according to YouTube search engine as well as Google search engine, so that your videos rank well in both the search engines

Step 5: Creating custom Thumbnail

How to create custom Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the picture that appears adjacent to your video title and description on YouTube. Your thumbnail and title together tell one whole story; hence, they should be complementing each other. Major source of organic traffic on YouTube is received through the suggested videos. Hence, your thumbnail needs to stand out among the rest of the videos in the suggested videos window.

An ideal thumbnail is the one that aligns with the video title and content and thus, increases your CTR, which reflects well with the YouTube algorithm. YouTube recommends that your thumbnail should be 1280 × 720 pixels and in JPG, GIF or PNG format within 2 MB.

It is advisable to follow a pattern in thumbnails for all your videos. If your thumbnails have same pattern for all your videos, it becomes an identity for your channel and people recognize your videos in just a glance.

Pro Tip: Avoid the practice of creating clickbait thumbnails. As soon as the viewer realizes that the thumbnail makes a false promise, they drop out of the video, which negatively affects the video’s ranking.

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Step 6: Create longer videos and Publish them regularly

How to grow Youtube channel

First, let’s discuss why you should create longer videos, albeit, the popular notion is to create videos with shorter running span. Although, making shorter videos is more frequently advised to creators, creating longer videos is what helps to boost their channel’s ranking.

Here is how: Longer videos generate more watch time. YouTube algorithm wants viewers to spend as much time as possible on their platform. Hence, it promotes the videos which generate more watch time over the videos that generate less watch time. Now let’s discuss why you should publish consistently. If you publish regularly, you create a library of content that will compel your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It also reflects well with the YouTube algorithm.

Once you create a library of content, you can refine them by putting the videos that go together in a playlist. A playlist compels the viewer to spend more time on your channel, multiplying your watch time. If you optimize your playlist properly, there is a good chance that it can also rank in the YouTube SERPs.

Pro Tip: By following this step properly, you can easily earn your first 1000 subscribers and gain 4000 hours of watch time required to monetize your channel and which is precisely when you start making money on YouTube.

Step 7: Build a community by Interacting with your audience

How to grow Youtube channel

Build a community around your channel by creating a meaningful bond with your audience by interacting with them. Reply to as many comments as possible, heart your favorite comments, ask for your audience’s opinion and create what they wish to watch. This improves the engagement on your videos which reflects well with the YouTube algorithm and also shows that your audience holds prime value for you.

Step 8: Improve by Analyzing

How to analyze Youtube video analytics

The YouTube Analytics provides you some interesting insights into your channel by some key metrics such as the sources of organic traffic, demographics of viewers, performances of your videos etc.

Use the metrics provided by the YouTube Analytics to find your best performing videos and identify what is common in them, swear by these practices as they work in your favor. Learn about how to get more views on Youtube Similarly, find your worst performing videos and identify what is common among them, and then abstain from repeating those practices as they work against you.

So, if you are still wondering about should I start a YouTube channel, the answer is yes!

Your aim as a creator, is solely to cater to the wishes of your viewers and grow in the process, if it pleases your viewers and compels them to spend more and more time on YouTube, it in turn pleases the YouTube algorithm and it boosts the Youtube channel growth.

This is all what you need to start a YouTube channel. Feel free to share!

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