How to Get More YouTube Sponsorships in 2021

How to Get More YouTube Sponsorships

The thought of earning revenue from attractive YT sponsorship must have indeed crossed your mind. In fact, popular influencers earn most of their income from highly profitable brand-creator partnerships. However, many factors dictate whether a brand partners with a creator or not – the number of subscribers a channel has is the primary one. Smaller channels are often not considered because businesses want more takers for their products and services – this need prompts them to collaborate with influencers that command a massive following.

You can buy YouTube subscribers from authentic websites to boost the count and attract attention from popular advertisers. When you are an upcoming youtuber there can be many questions on your mind - how to get sponsorship for YT? How much do sponsors pay? How to find potential brands? Etc. Don't worry, you have come to the right place. In this article we have all the answers you need. I am sure the information we have for you, will help you establish a connection with relevant sponsors.

What Is YouTube Sponsorship?

What Is YouTube Sponsorship

The term defines a partnership between a YouTuber and a business brand. It is a Win-Win collaboration for both sides. Creators gain monetary compensation for endorsing the products or services of a brand, and the business achieves widespread awareness via the influencer. While you can earn more revenue when you get sponsorship for YouTube, you should only partner with Businesses whose interests align with your channel and audience. For example, if you run an YT sport account, you should only team up with brands that sell sports-related products or services. If you deviate and start promoting products from a different niche - let’s, say fashion, your viewers won't relate to it, and the brand won't profit.

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Types of Sponsorship for YouTube Channel

1. Affiliate sponsorships YouTube

Affiliate sponsorships YouTube

Affiliate sponsorship is one of the easier ways to attract patronage for your channel. The business you collaborate with will provide a unique link - this is the brand's way to track the performance of each creator. Every time a sale happens from your link, you will receive a part of the sales revenue as your commission. Besides links, some brands prefer using promo codes instead. When your audience uses the promo code during purchase, they will receive some offer or discount. The brand will compensate you for the number of sales that happened on your channel.

How can you prompt users to use the link or the promo code? - you can reserve a section of your video to explain the product benefits and direct viewers' attention towards the link or code. You can also dedicate an entire video for unboxing and reviewing a brand's offering. The easiest way also comes with its drawbacks. You see, affiliate sponsorships generate the lowest profit of any support. But keeping this setback aside, this method is recommended for channels with less following. When you are on the lower end of the follower spectrum - getting paid sponsorships can be challenging. It would be best if you started hunting for businesses that provide affiliate links or promo codes.

2. Product sponsorship YouTube

Product sponsorship YouTube

In this type of YouTube sponsorship, you can't expect any monetary compensation. Instead, brands would like you to review, unbox and create a tutorial around the product's working. In exchange, you get to keep the product.Although money is not involved, at times, you can get your hands on some fascinating items. For example, if you are a popular gamer and you find yourself needing a graphics card update. You can approach a relevant company and ask them for a free graphic card to do an unboxing video. Even if you are a small channel, you can get product sponsorship. Don't expect expensive hardware if you do not have a solid following to advocate for your case.

But when your channel starts hitting more significant subscriber milestones, popular brands will approach you themselves, offering their products to you for a review.

3. Paid sponsorship YouTube

Paid sponsorship YouTube

The terms say it all – it is the type of funding that involves direct payment of money. Brands pay you to review their products, talk about their company, or for anything that involves mentioning their business in your videos. This sponsorship is gold for any creator because you can generate the highest amount of revenue. However, getting to the level where you get paid sponsorship offers is not easy.

If your channel is small or in the process of growing, then you can only expect to find affiliate or product sponsorship. On the other hand, paid ones are difficult, especially if you don't have the backing of a substantial subscriber’s base. Moreover, the brands that approached you for paid YouTube sponsorship have many expectations from your videos. Their demands are seldom fulfilled by channels that possess fewer, non-converting subscribers.

How Much Do YouTube Sponsorship Pay

How Much Do YouTube Sponsorship Pay

This is a tricky question because there is no right or wrong answer; in the end, it all comes down to the negotiations. The amount you can expect from different patronages will be affected by multiple factors:

1. Number of Subscribers on Your Channel

This was the obvious answer. When you have more people following your channel, you get more views - this helps your partner brand reach a larger audience and generate more sales. Businesses won't mind paying large sums if they have a chance of gaining higher brand awareness.

2. The Type of Promotion

Primarily there are two major types of YT promotions, each with a different pay scale - fully integrated videos and sponsored mentions.

a) Sponsored mentions

In sponsored mentions, you reserve a part of your video to say something like this "this video was sponsored by (Brand name)." The theme of your entire content does not change. The negotiation will put you in the range of 20 to 30 dollars per 1000 views - this is a pretty decent amount, considering AdSense will only give you 2 to 8 dollars per 1000 views.

How much should you charge? - take the sum of views you generated on your videos in the past two months, and divide it by the number of videos on your channel. Multiply the value you receive (views in thousands) by your rate per minute of $20 to $30 - this is an ideal amount to charge.

b) Fully integrated videos

Here, you dedicate your entire video to promote a brand's product or service.

Let's understand this with an example. Suppose you run a tech YT channel, then you could create a video unboxing a brand-new mobile device and discuss its specific features and benefits. Creators jump to the opportunity of unboxing a product for affiliate compensations or the free item. How much should your quotation be? - well, if you charge $500 for a sponsored video, you should court ten times the amount for a fully integrated video, i.e., $5000.

3. How Can the Brand Benefit from the Partnership?

How Can the Brand Benefit from the Partnership

Brands consider various factors before they step into a partnership with a YouTuber:

  • Rate of engagement on the channel.
  • Sales record of previous partnerships.
  • Past partnership success rate.

How to Get Sponsored on YouTube?

How to Get Sponsored on YouTube

We are in 2021, and it is not a good idea to collect emails of potential brands and send well-written emails to each of them for a tie-up. The entire ordeal is time-consuming and is not worth the effort. What you should do is direct your energy in growing your channel and producing high-quality videos.

For example, let's say you email 200 potential businesses, but you can only expect a few of them to get in touch. Then there is the hassle of negotiating prices. Hence the best thing you can do is focus on gaining credibility within your niche. Businesses will themselves come to you for partnership when they see your channel grow with subscribers. You will retain authority to dictate the price for your services, and the brand will have no choice but to comply.

Best YouTube Sponsorship sites

Best YouTube Sponsorship sites

We have taken the liberty to create a list of websites where you can register your channel and find brands looking for creators like yourself for partnership.


Famebit occupies the first spot on this list because it is a renowned platform that receives more than 65000 creators looking for supports. As a creator, you have access to hundreds of brands. The process is straightforward. You have to select a brand, specify the type of promotion you would do, and quote your price. There are thousands of creators on this platform, so your pitch should be creative enough to stand apart from the rest and appeal to the sponsors.

Famebit helps match the right creators with relevant businesses. For instance, if you are an admin of a gaming channel, the website will suggest brands that cater to the gaming industry for collaboration. You also can partner with other fellow creators on this platform.


Grapevine is known to pay considerable sums to creators - close to 5 million dollars. Grapevine provides a platform where you can collaborate with brands and other like-minded creators. To register to this website, you need to verify ownership of your YT channel or social media handle - you need 10000 subscribers on YT and at least 10,000 followers on IG. The website also enables micro-YouTubers with less than 10000 subscribers to select brand sponsorships based on the channel size, target audience, and niche. If we have to mention one drawback, it would be this website's payment system. The site needs to verify that you have produced a sponsored content for a brand - only then do you get the due amount. The process can take almost 45 days.


Most time, you will encounter brands that want you to create content adhering to their instructions. The restrictions imposed often make a creator compromise on his production style - this is the area where AspireIQ shines the most. The website ensures that the creator will have the complete freedom to decide how the content is produced.

A creator would not have to waste hours of his time contacting potential brands. Instead, AspireIQ provides an easy way to find and get in touch with your preferred brands for top YouTube sponsorship. You will have no trouble collaborating with the right business whose interests do not conflict with your channel ethics.

Channel Pages

Channel pages pride themselves on being a platform for social media influencers, sponsors, and content producers. Creators from different demographic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds come to this site for sponsorships. Brands also consider channel pages as an attractive platform to find creators that will promote their business.

Before you find YouTube sponsorship, you need to register yourself on 'Channel pages.' Start by linking your YT channel so that the website can collect details from your account - number of subscribers, channel category, views, likes, etc. The details that 'Channel pages' collect are showcased on your website profile for potential brands to see. A business that considers you as the right fit for its needs will approach you with an offer.

To Sum Up

Getting big brands to offer you sponsorship is difficult if you have a smaller number of the subscriber. The right thing you can do is start slow with product and affiliate sponsorship. It would help if you focused on growing your channel. When you are a formidable player within your niche, brands will approach you for a partnership and not the other way around.

Make sure that your channel has a substantial number of videos before you make a move for a brand partnership. Keeping your loyal audience satisfied is crucial to get top YouTube sponsorships. Be ethical, do not promote products that are not relevant to what you do or relate to your viewers. We hope you have found our article valuable. What methods have you tried to get sponsorships for YouTube?

Feel free to share.