How to Choose the Best Name for YouTube Channel in 2021

YouTube channel name

Deciding a name for your YouTube channel is one of the most significant tasks, as it is the first step towards any channel’s success, and just like people identify you by your name, they will also be identifying your channel with a name.

Unlike humans, your YouTube channel name will only perform better if it’s one in a million. The name should hook a viewer and persuade them to subscribe to it, or else, what’s the point of even having one? Your channel name will tag along everywhere on YouTube, so make sure whoever recognizes it, taps to check out your channel.

Many YouTubers buy real subscribers from legitimate websites. But with that, one needs to make sure that their channel name is impressive enough to be subscribed by the viewers.

YouTube has over 37 million channels created on its platform by this, you can imagine how many unique channel names are out there, which definitely does not make it an easy job for you to decide the best name for your channel.

T-series has 171 million subscribers on YouTube which makes it one of the most popular channel names, and if you also want to be one among them, then keep in mind the following tips while choosing a name for your channel.

Tips on How to Choose YouTube Channel Name

Make it Unique

Unique YouTube channel name

Make sure your YouTube channel name stands out among the crowd. But in the race of making, it unique, do not make it complex or use words that make no sense to your channel or in any way. The name should be such that it is able to grab the viewers’ attention immediately as they come across it.

Some YouTubers buy YouTube likes to increase their discoverability and sometimes, they get more engagement than what they paid for, just because of their unique channel name.

Keep It Short and Easy to Spell

Short YouTube channel name

Do not make your channel’s name too long because most of the time, viewers do not read long words as it takes time for the mind to process it because of this, they immediately step back. Also, the words you use should not be difficult to spell as it will negatively impact the growth of your YT channel.

Relatable to Your Niche

YouTube channel name ideas

The name should be relatable to the content you will be posting on YouTube. Suppose your niche is food, then you need to look for words such as appetite, craving, hungry etc. Keeping the name within your YouTube channel niche (RS Blog 25 link) will bring out the best name for your YouTube channel.

Avoid Vulgarity and Profanity

Best YouTube channel name

Around 8 out of 10 parents allow their children of age 11 or younger to watch YouTube, which is why you should not make use of any vulgar word in your channel’s name. Moreover, using such words may limit your audience and you may not be able to gain subscribers on your channel.

Avoid Using Numeric and Symbols

How to choose YouTube channel name

Usually, names without any numeric or symbol perform much better on YouTube because they are less likely to appear in the search results. Such YouTube channel names also seem auto-generated.

Check your Competitors Channel’s Name

YouTube channel name 2021

To not let your viewers, have a wrong idea of your content being original or not, always check out the channels’ name under the same as your niche. If you are a brand, then it is important for you to know that 55% of marketers are on YouTube. So, be aware of the name you are choosing; that it is not similar to one of your competitors’.

Ask for Ideas

There is no harm in asking for your close one’s opinions because sometimes, they may come up with better YouTube channel name ideas. You may find an interesting idea which you could have never thought of, or you can also combine the ideas and come up with something new.

List of YouTube Name Generators

YouTube Name Generators

Even if you may not come across better ideas, then here’s a list of few YouTube name generators which may be of help to you-

1. SpinXo

This name generator can provide you with more than just YT names. All you need to do is provide them with information such as your hobbies, your name or nickname, important words, number or letters, and then press on the spin button to get amazing results.

2. Kparser

If you need SEO specific keywords in your YouTube channel name, then this is the best name generator for you. Just type down the keywords you want in your channel name related to your niche and press the start button to get the results.

3. Name Generator 2

Have you decided to create content on humour? Then this name generator is the one best suited for your channel. This generator comes up with funny names. All you need is to fill up a suffix and prefix to get the names generated for you.

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

How to change YouTube channel name

YouTube channel names can also be changed later if things aren’t going well on your channel. Many YouTubers buy YouTube comments to increase engagement, but, as some sites use organic methods to increase engagement from real people, many YouTubers fail to get enough engagement because of their unattractive channel name.

So, to change the name of your channel, follow the steps below-

Step 1- Sign in to At the top right corner of your screen, tap on the settings.

Step 2- After that, choose the link “Edit on Google”

Step 3- At last, enter the new channel name and press Ok.

That’s all. You have done it!

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Some Name Suggestions for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channel name suggestion

If you are still unclear on what name to choose for your channel, then we have a few suggestions to help you overcome this obstacle.

  • Field- This name is best suited for a channel under the gaming niche. Anyone can easily predict that the YouTuber is a gamer. Also, you can notice that the words used are short and easy to spell.
  • CrunchandCrave- You would have guessed what niche this channel name carries: food. The word crunch may seem tempting to food lovers and they may crave to watch your food-related videos. You can also name your channel by your name under this niche.
  • HappyWords- A comedy niche would best suit this channel name. The name itself indicates happiness, so it is quite fair to have this name for a YouTube channel based on humour.
  • ColourGlam- Makeup is an art. Makeup artists play with different colour shades to create glamorous looks. This name is quite suitable for someone interested in making makeup videos or tutorials.
  • Letitsweat- We sweat for good when we exercise, which makes this name best suited for the health and fitness niche. If you are thinking of starting a fitness vlog on YouTube, then feel free to consider this name.

To Sum Up

How to choose YouTube channel name in 2021

We hope that now you understand how important your YouTube channel name is, and what role it plays in the growth of your channel. It is quite an effort taking the task, but creative at the same time, so make sure you let your creative juices flow for the sake of your YouTube channel.

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