How to Build a YouTube Audience in 10 Easy Steps

how to build youtube audience
Hi Youtube Enthusiasts!

Videos have proved the most preferred form of content people are consuming today as two of our sense organs are involved i.e. eyes in watching and ears in listening and hence we all feel more connected towards videos. YouTube, way back in 2005 sensed its importance and is now the king platform of videos. Love towards Youtube is ever growing and now people watch over a billion hours of videos on it and therefore Youtube generate billions of views.

According to YouTube, “YouTube has 2 billion + users i.e. 1/3rd of the internet”. From millennial to brand strategists to Vloggers, everybody wants to build a Youtube audience and increase Youtube subscribers organically that can eventually become their customers. Hence in this digital world, it is crucial to grow your Youtube channel to maximize awareness and improvise videos organic reach.

Now your job as a creator is to attract these viewers towards your Youtube channel and grow your audience and subscriber base.

Here are 10 easy steps to do that:

Value creation and proposition through Quality content

Quality content is the key to building a YouTube audience! No one goes back to a ride that made them sick, same goes for YouTube videos. 400 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, if your content is not top notch it will get buried in the ocean of content. Quality content is shared organically by viewers and it will definitely help increase YouTube views, subscribers and build a Youtube audience that have similar taste.

Perfect Script for your video is the key for engagement

Pen down a script for your video so that it follows a natural flow. Plan your hand actions, facial expressions, tone and pattern interrupts. Practice and improve your camera presence so that your viewers feel more connected to you. Planning does not mean that you have to remove spontaneity from your video. The more your viewers will feel connected to you, the more dedicated they will become to your channel and help your channel grow in terms of audience. You can scan the latest Youtube channel statistics to have a glimpse of in depth knowledge about Youtube.

Empower yourself with the right tools / Equipment for demonstrating professionalism

Along with great content and rehearsed script, you also need to use right tools and equipment to produce a video that not only looks professional but also attract viewers. Make sure you have a good quality video camera, if not, a tripod and a smartphone will do just fine. Use lighting kits to set appropriate lighting on your shooting set. Equip yourself with great PC with editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe After Effects, Apple FCP, Adobe Premier Pro etc.) to make a presentable video. These things will help you make a quality video and help you get more YouTube subscribers.

Formulate intro, outro and thumbnail for your video

A catchy intro with an outstanding graphics, background music, and transitions encourages your viewer to keep watching your video, increasing your viewer retention. Finish it in a style ending as outro, always save last few seconds of your video for the end screen. It gives you a good opportunity to again brand your channel and also to promote your other videos at the end of your video. You can do this by simply embedding the link of the video you want to promote in the end screen. Creating a customized thumbnail is always more advisable than letting YouTube generate any frame from the video as the thumbnail for your video. A good thumbnail should consist of images as well as text. These will definitely attract and build your potential audience.

Make a thrilling SEO strategy

Do your keyword research. Make sure to optimize your video title and description using the keywords researched through Uber suggest, Google trends, Google Keyword planner, Youtube suggestion, Google suggestion etc. This results in better ranking of your video in the search engine of YouTube and helps your videos to be discovered by the viewer, whenever he / she will be searching the keywords related to your video’s title, description and content. The pro tip is that – Always speak your target keywords in the video as “Youtube watches as well as hears your video” .Your video title should always be such that it compels the viewer to click on it. This will bring more traffic relevant towards your channel. You can also aggregate your audience by buying YouTube subscribers and consult youtube growth consultants to grow your Youtube channel organically.

Interact with your audience

Respond in a sweet manner to as many comments as possible, at least within the first few hours of publishing, if possible. This shows your audience that you hold value for them. This will also increase your engagement ratio in the eyes of Youtube. Heart your favorite comments! This a feature from YouTube that allows you to heart your favorite comments.

Post videos in a routine

Make a routine for your videos and stick to it. This ensures maximum audience retention. Your dedicated audience will always come back to watch your videos just like they come back to watch the next episode of their favorite series or TV show at a particular time. This will ensure you in making a more engaged audience and also help in early Youtube channel monetization.

Collaborate with fellow YouTubers

When you collaborate with a fellow YouTuber of similar niche, you get the opportunity to tap into their dedicated audience and attract them towards your channel (Adding their audience to your channel as well). If they find your content worth watching, they won’t mind in becoming your subscriber.

Consider giveaways and contests

A great way to increase engagement and dedication of your audience is to hold intriguing contests and giveaways. You can even live stream and hold QNA sessions to increase interaction with audience making your audience more loyal towards your channel.

Cross platform promotions

Always leverage the power of cross platform promotion of your YouTube channel. Promoting your channel on your other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat etc. will bring traffic from these platforms towards your YouTube channel and help your channel growth in a positive manner.

Employing all tips at one to build an audience for your YouTube channel may seem a bit daunting at first. However, if you go one step at a time, it will not be long before your efforts start bearing fruits and your YouTube channel growth sky rockets. Always remember – slow and steady wins the race! Moreover, as long as you keep creating content that your audience wants to watch and engage with, they will keep coming back for your videos. This is the easiest way for any creator on YouTube to build an audience for YouTube channel.

With these 10 steps you can easily build a dedicated and loyal audience for your YouTube channel that will sustain for very long time. Let us know how these tips helped you to gain YouTube subscribers. Feel free to share!