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570x540 is the top YouTube video editing online sessions providing company in the USA. We believe in well recorded and produced videos with elegant editing! Hire us today to make a breakthrough as a YouTuber with the help of quality videos!

As YouTube continues to grow aggressively, so does its viewers and creators. Over 500 hours’ worth of content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute of every day. Hence, it is hard to stand out in this ocean of content.

The factor that will help you stand out as a YouTuber or even as a brand is a very well edited video. Therefore, the elite team of experts at have pledged to provide guidance of utmost quality to YouTubers / brands.

Our online YouTube
video editing guidance sessions include

Editing Technicalities

Our team of video editing experts begin the journey of guidance by explaining the creators about the crucial details of the recording and production portion of the process followed by teaching the most basic editing techniques required.

Software training

We, at, guide creators to understand their video editing software ( Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After effects, Apple MAC FCP etc ) in order to make them capable of delivering their best efforts.

Effects & Transitions

Along with this, we also share with the creators how to add animations, graphics, GIFs, effects, transitions etc. in their YouTube video.

Music Editing

Our experts believe that the right background music makes a huge difference to the feel and look of the video. Hence, we also guide you to choose the best music for your video.

Audio Recording

We then provide you guidance regarding all the major equipment required for the shooting and recording process including the cameras for shooting, the external microphones for recording audio and the lighting equipment.

Equipment Expertise

Our experts make sure that creators understand the working of the required equipment. We also suggest the best available equipment with in the creator’s budget so that they create with the best available resources.

Studio Expertise

We then provide guidance in order for you to set up your own studio in your home / office in the best possible way and set the mood for the video using the lighting equipment.

What makes us the best in
online YouTube video editing guidance?



Our team of top shelf video editing experts believe in providing one on one guidance though live sessions to YouTubers / brands so that they can get the best out of the session.



Our team comprises of industry’s leading experts with over 5 years of experience in the field of video editing.



We, at, provide guidance tailored to the needs and requirements of the YouTubers / brands.



20,000 YouTubers have already begun their journey to learn best video editing tricks to edit like a professional.

Why are well edited
videos crucial for your channel’s growth

Audience retention

A well edited video has the power to hook the viewer for entire duration of the video, thereby increasing the audience retention on the channel as well as accumulation of a greater watch time.

Video in Suggestions

When a well edited video generates a good watch time, the YouTube algorithm notices this and promotes such videos more often in the suggested videos window over other videos.

More Subscribers

Well edited videos showcase the prowess and skill of a YouTuber / brand, which makes viewers more primed towards subscribing to the YouTube channel. This helps the YouTube channel to grow.

Brand Building

Video content marketing has become an integral part of most brand’s marketing strategy. A video with elegant editing and production makes a powerful statement in the favour of the brand.


Viewers have a really short attention span, hence, a well edited video integrated with effects, transitions and background music will help the creators to hold viewer’s attention for a longer duration.