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Youtube channel monetization online session
Learn to monetize your Youtube channel with live online training. Explore now!

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(Live Online Session) is the leading YouTube Channel Monetisation sessions company. We provide live online guidance sessions to new YouTubers to help them achieve channel monetisation as soon as possible through Google AdSense Program.

What will you learn in
our YouTube Monetisation online session?

Clarifying The eligibility criteria

We begin our guidance by shedding light on the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by YouTubers in order to apply for monetization. We also discuss the entire process in detail.

Fulfilling the monetisation eligibility

Our team of experts, guide YouTubers about how to become eligible for YouTube channel monetisation. This includes achieve partner program requirements as well as adherence to various guidelines.

Creating Google AdSense Account

We guide YouTubers to how to create a Google AdSense Account and link it with their YouTube channel in order to earn by ad clicks after channel monetization.

Following rules to maintain eligibility

We guide creators how to maintain their eligibility for channel monetisation after applying for channel review by crafting content strategy such that it adheres to the policies.

Handling rejection

There is always a chance that a creator unknowingly violates any YouTube policy or community guideline and their application gets rejected. We guide creators how to find the faulting area and fix it in such a way that their application does not gets rejected the next time.

Content strategy

We guide creators to help them create engaging content that will help them drive more traffic towards their YouTube channel and gain new subscribers and accumulate more over all channel watch time.

Learn how to earn

There are multiple ways the platform of YouTube can be leveraged after channel monetisation in order to earn money. In this session, we discover all of them.

What makes us the No.1
YouTube Monetization Services Company?


Experience is backed by leading industry experts with over 5 years of experience of helping YouTubers monetise their channels.



Our team of top shelf experts have worked with over 20,000 YouTubers of varied niches and target audiences.


Personal Guidance

We aim to help each one of our clients in the best way possible. Hence, we provide one on one personal guidance to our clients.


Creating content strategy

We help our clients understand the needs & wants of their target audience and create original and engaging content in order to cater to them.


Achieving results in the shortest time

We guide our clients towards the best practices and help them achieve YouTube monetization eligibility (1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time) as soon as possible.

Why you need our
YouTube channel monetisation session?

To become eligible for YouTube monetisation, a creator must have:

  • Minimum 1000 subscribers on their YouTube
  • Minimum 4000 hours of watch time on their YouTube channel
  • Should adhere to all policies and guidelines
  • Should have a Google AdSense account

We not only break down all the policies a creator must adhere to but also walk our clients through their importance.

We guide our clients through their Google AdSense account set up and linking it with their YouTube channel.

We help our clients to understand the Copyright Policy of YouTube in order to allow them to use someone else’s work on their own YouTube channel.

Your wait is over now! Learn from A to Z of YouTube Monetisation with us and start earning.

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