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Buy YouTube watch hours that are real, legit and organic from We have an exemplary team of marketers and analysts that helps creators to grow their YouTube channel naturally through organic methodologies such as search engine optimization, social media optimization, promotion via blog networks, social media groups/communities, boosting so that they reach their target goals effectively in record time. This way we increase watch time on YouTube channels for clients. Our approach to YouTube algorithm and functioning is identified as organic, legit, innovative & progressive, allowing content creators to make the most of the YouTube partner program, current trends, collaborations and achieve undefined success. When the content creators buy YouTube watch time hours from us, we pledge to get 4000 watch hours for your channel which ultimately helps in monetization and authority.

When you buy watch time on YouTube at that are 100% legit and legal with the platform’s policies, your channel is in safe hands. By means of guaranteed secured process and delivery (24-48 hours starting time) and our helpful 24/7 Customer Support, we are always here to help you in your channel growth journey. So, if you are struggling to have a strong channel reputation with sturdy and impressive statistics, then you are definitely in the right place! We have the shortcut to success that are in aligned with the YouTube algorithm. We are happy to support you. Let's get triumph together!

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Buy 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube for monetization

As the major platform for video content in the realm, YouTube can help your business reach tons of new customers. However, keeping people engaged with your content is the most difficult part. With over 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute (, you’ll need quick hacks and tactics to beat the fierce competition. Hence, you should definitely strive to upload good video length content and purchase 4000 watch hours on YouTube for your channel’s monetization and expertise.

Out of the 38 million active channels on YouTube, 22,000 have subscribers beyond 1 million! YouTube has witnessed a 65% y/y progression in the number of channels with more than one million subscribers. It presents incredible earning opportunities to its channel partners. In which number of channels earning six-figure sums per year grew by 40% y/y, where the number of channels earning in the five-figure range increased by 50% y/y.

They do so by monetising their channel through Google AdSense, which requires having a minimum of 1000 subscribers on the channel and 4000 watch hours on YouTube. 4000 hours in minutes are a total of 240000 minutes of watch time of YouTube, that’s an equivalent of 166 days! (Crazy!) Buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube for monetization and earn the additional authority by becoming a YouTube partner. With excellent campaigns that involve actual SMO, SEO, promotion through bloggers, influencers, incentives, discounts, promo code- traffic, and press releases, we can help you move to the next level.

Buy YouTube Watch Time from us

When you buy YouTube watch hours legit way from, you get watch hours in the form of high-quality views from real people (majorly from your target audience) allowing you to rapidly achieve the 4000-hour mark and subsequently seek monetization. YouTubers who have gain through this service apply to monetization without any issues. We use diverse marketing techniques to increase your total hours watched on YouTube based on the channel and the duration of its videos, but the delivery of all 4000 hours is expected to take 14-25 days. Hence, buy YouTube watch time cheap way through us and grow. As a result, the needed number of hours is met by delivering high-quality views (which means with a high retention and great watch time). In particular, if your channel contains videos that are more than an hour long, the average viewing duration is up to 20 minutes, and we will provide the majority of the views on the longer ones.

We will increase watch time on YouTube by giving views to multiple, shorter videos if your channel only contains short videos. In this situation, the average view duration is determined by the length of the movie, but it is still extremely good. To take advantage of this service, your channel should include at least 10 videos, half of which should be at least ten minutes long. The more videos you have, the better. Buy YouTube watch time hours today!

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Purchase 4000 hours watch time

Within two weeks, you'll have accumulated 4000 hours and will be ready to monetize your time. Get 4000 watch hours on YouTube now!

Proven Strategies

Marketing tactics that have been tried and true therefore buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube cheap way through us.

Organic interactions

Real-time interactions via social media and website marketing are included.

Quality Views

Views on YouTube that are safe and of great quality (with high retention).

How To Buy real YouTube Watch Hours


Complete the form

Fill out the form on our secured website with your YT channel link, email address, and phone number


Fill out the form and pay for the plan

To purchase and activate the service of acquiring real YT video view hours, click the button "Get YouTube watch time."


Take a seat and watch your channel grow

Keep an eye as your YT watch time grows organically. Hence, this way when buy real YouTube watch time, you can increase the number of watch hours on your YT videos in these easy steps! Buy YouTube watch hours today!

What You Need Before Buying organic YouTube Watch Hours?

Multiple, Long Videos on Channel

In order to be eligible to buy organic watch time hours for YouTube from Real Subscribers, you must fulfil a minimum requirement first. You must have at least 10 videos on your channel, out of which at least 5 should be 10 minutes long. The more videos you have, the better for your channel, and the easier it is for us to deliver your watch time. Same goes for the length of your videos, the longer your videos are, the better.

Strikes and Claims Free Channel

Another prerequisite to get organic watch time needed to monetize is to ensure your channel is free of any strikes and should not have any claims either.

Buy Legit YouTube watch hours - Top Features

Process that is 100 percent secure

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we've built a robust procedure that has no flaws and is completely safe (SSL certified) and secure from beginning to end with PayPal integration. We utilise organic tactics like SEO and SMO to promote your YT channel among actual/real people who use social media regularly to deliver non-drop YouTube watch hours to users who buy legit watch time on YouTube. Your YT channel will not be harmed by our service. We have served more than 1,00,000 channels, and not a single channel has got suspended. We never require your account password or any private info, so it's 100% safe.

Privacy Policies That Are Strict

We recognise that our clients entrust us with their personal information, when they buy watch hours for YouTube monetization, and we respect that trust. Real Subscribers treats your personal information, such as your name, phone number, and YT channel information, with the utmost care and attention. We are a very ethical organisation that adheres to a rigorous privacy policy, so your information will be secure with us.

Supportive Customer Service

We respect our clients' time and strive to assist them with any concern or question they may have regarding our procedure of buying YouTube watch time cheap way. You may easily contact us by email, and we will react to your message within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is a top concern for us, and we give each client our full attention.

Quick Shipping

To keep our customers satisfied, Real Subscribers believes in working effectively and executing orders as quickly as feasible. We immediately begin working on a client's YT channel when they enter their personal information on our secure website and activate our service plan by making a payment. In order to quickly increase YouTube total watch time, we rigorously adhere to the best organic standards.

Get Bang for your Work with purchasing Non-drop watch hours

Many of our consumers have inquired to buy YouTube watch hours cheap and organically, and if these YT watch times are permanent and would not diminish with time. We want to reassure you that we will supply you with constant and uninterrupted YT viewing hours. This is because we show your videos to individuals who are interested in your topic and who will actually watch them. If in any case your channel doesn’t get the assured watch hours or subscribers within the expected delivery time, you will have the right to ask for the refund.

Why buy watch time for YouTube from only?

Unbeatable Knowledge of YouTube Algorithm

For sharing videos or advertising, there exists no other platform as rewarding as YouTube. It is the world’s second-most visited website. The platform wants audience to stay on it. To decode which videos and channels users are most expected to enjoy watching, YouTube algorithm “tracks” their audience, which means they examine their users’ engagement with each video they watch. Successful YouTube promulgation requires in-depth knowledge of how the marketing channel behaves and operates. Fundamentally, when users buy watch time for YouTube from us, their videos are favoured over others and gets located on the home page. It signals to YT that the video is worth watching and that it is providing a constructive understanding to users. We give creators and brands, opportunities to become popular very quickly and make money online.

Get YouTube watch hours

Real Time Data Collection of Target Audiences’ Behaviour of Every Niche

When you get watch hours on YouTube from us you can have guarantee that as many of your target audience as possible succeed to see your posts/videos. YouTube has over 100 local versions around the globe which permits you to navigate the podium in over 80 different languages. It is expanding its analytics proficiencies by showing video creators when their audience is most likely to be online. YT always provided creators access to basic demographics data like age, gender, location, etc. of the viewers. We leverage these data to get insights and understand the audience far beyond the rudimentary demographics and this way you get watch time for YouTube channel.

YT’s hottest project, which is now in the initial stages of development, is the capability to let creators know when their audience is online. In YouTube own words, “We refreshed how viewers engage with content, from improving core experiences like search and the infrastructure that powers the platform to advancing across apps and formats like it’s TV, Shorts and Music. We also introduced new ways for creators to make money and brought more choice for parents to guide their families' experiences. And along the way, we partnered with creators to empower them to do what they do best.”

Buy legit YouTube watch hours

Providing Real People – The Target Audience and Not Bots

YouTube has 2 billion active users every month and over 30 million daily users who watch 1 billion hours of videos daily and an average visitor spends 41.9 minutes on YouTube ( We also learned that in March 2021, users worldwide spent an average of 1777 seconds (29 minutes and 37 seconds) per user per visit on, approximately 3% more time equated to the same month in 2020. We decoded the algorithm accordingly and therefore provide people that are authentic and real. To avoid getting penalized, for artificial engagement from robots, you can trust us to purchase watch time on YouTube.

Many people purchase YouTube watch hours through a generator. These are YouTube watch time through bots, consequently their channel gets banned because of unnatural hours that’s get easily detected by it’s algorithm. This may even lead to suspension or termination your channel. On the other hand, if you buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube legit from our trustworthy service, we guarantee you 100% risk-free as we take work in favour of the algorithms- both YouTube and Google.

As, you unquestionably require non-bot watch time from a quality supplier and win the YT’s algorithm’s reverence to break the hurdle that stops you from making money on the podium. When you buy cheap YouTube watch hours, all of the watch time we send to you is carried out through real YouTube user accounts. This makes the probability of the algorithm detecting "something's odd" to nil. As, TV was once again YT’s fastest growing screen in 2021 — as of January 2022, on average, viewers are watching over 700 million hours of YouTube content on TV daily!

We leverage the story, and let your target audience to connect with you through likes, comments, shares and subscriptions. For example, your channel niche is travel. We use our surveyed information and find the target group. Then after playing all organic tactics to reach them, we also have innumerable desktops, laptops, tabs, and mobiles to let your video play. When YT analyses your watch time throughout the affiliate review. Then it is noticed that you have diverse watch times from varied locations, this time is deliberated to be obtained organically. And you will never have difficulty in any regard due to the respective service.

Note: To, buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube cheap it is necessary to search for trustworthy sources. Regrettably, not all service benefactors are loyal to their customers. They deliver fake watch hours that only stay noticeable for a short period of time.

Our System is Updated According to YouTube’s Guidelines, Trends and Notions

81% of internet consumers ( According to Statista) have used YouTube. On the other hand, 80% of U.S. parents of children 11 and under say, their kids watch videos on it. And 53% of those parents (According to Pew research) say their child watches videos on YouTube at least once a day. In YT’s own words, “We Remove content that violates our policies, Reduce the spread of harmful misinformation and borderline material, raise up authoritative sources for news and information, and Reward trusted Creators.” So, we never promote any content that violates any community guidelines of the platform. Furthermore, we leverage trends to the best to make your creations go viral. For example, sports viewership on YT is projected to reach 90 million by 2025 (According think with google) So, we can easily provide a sports channel, watch hours very speedily.

We also scrutinized features introduced by the platform in 2021 such as Shorts, Live streaming, Chapters, Premieres and Community Tab to encourage content creation and positively attract more subscribers. Either we associate hashtags, pattern interrupts and incentives to lift the banner of your YT account.

In YT’s own words -

“we’ll continue to invest across our multiple formats: Shorts, Live, and video on demand (VOD). And in the months ahead, we will bring even more engagement and monetization options across all three formats. In 2021, we reached the incredible milestone of 2 million creators in the YouTube Partner Program.”

Experts on Board to Modify Creators into Influencers

At, we do not reveal any creators’ information such as name, channel name, email IDs, Phone numbers and Bank details, which we obtain from our customers under the confidentiality agreement, with any other third person or brand, or individuals especially competitors under any conditions. With us your information is in, credible hands. Absolutely, just between you and us!

Correspondingly, we have created millions of influencers on YT, who are really enjoying the perks today. In YT’s own words, “Back in 2007, when we created the YouTube Partner Program and began sharing revenue directly with creators, an entire industry was born. Today, there are more than 2 million creators around the world in YPP, building thriving businesses from their passions. We’re continuing to invest in new tools to help creators build stronger businesses – we now provide ten different ways to make money on YouTube. Over the last three years, we’ve paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies.”

It is not surprising, that in the U.S., 62% of users (According to statista) access YouTube every day. When the creator gain YouTube watch time from us, they can easily get monetized their channels, reach a decent follower base and enjoy innumerable benefits after becoming an influencer—an authority in their niche, who can essentially change purchasing decisions in brands’ favour.

How much Time Does Purchasing 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube Take to Get Delivered to My Channel?

YouTubers start getting watch hours/watch time within 12-72 hours. We never do it in very short period of time, because you may ring the alarm for it’s algorithm. We gradually deliver high-quality watch hours from real people from different locations, with different audience retention rate, engagement rate and watch time also. Contact us now. The whole procedure is completed within 4-6 weeks. Naturally, the completion time of the service may also vary contingent on how many hours of watch time you want to get. Once the watch time is completed, YT reviews your account.

Buy YouTube Watch Hours for Monetization

The metric ‘Watch Time’ is deliberated to be the number one factor, responsible for ranking on YouTube. It digs into the amount of time, folks spend watching the videos and whether or not they interact with your videos. The main question is; how long the people stay hooked to your videos. Although increasing your views is easy, it can prove to be problematic to increase your watch time organically. This is where can help you. You can buy YouTube watch time for monetization from us to promote your videos’ YouTube and Google search rankings. Within a specific period, we deliver complete watch hours to the target channel. Ours provided watch hours stay with your channel forever instead of getting removed with the time being.

Watch Time Required for YouTube Monetization

According to YouTube, you need 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months with 1,000 subscribers to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program YPP.

Watch Time Required for YouTube Monetization

The YouTube watch time for monetization, eligibility is compulsory, which you can reach by purchasing the watch hours from a renowned company. Watch-time is most important element in determining how high your video will rank on YT and Google. The grander the average percentage, the better your video's probabilities of ranking.

Increase YouTube Watch Hours to Enjoy these Perks

Acquire Social Proof

Increased YouTube watch hours and views on your channel not only makes you eligible for monetization, but also contributes to your credibility. This further allows you to acquire social proof as huge watch hours indicates that viewers love your content.

Increased SERP Ranking

The algorithm rewards total watch hours and user engagement enthusiastically. Thus, if your videos are generating impressive watch hours, your content will be ranked higher in the search results, not only on YouTube but on Google as well.

Gain More Organic Views

Higher SERP rankings help your content gain more organic views. This puts in motion a snowball effect, thanks to enhanced organic reach. Your video shows up on recommended section, homepage, trending sections of the platform, which helps to earn more views.

Become An Authority

When a large number of people consume your content, it increases YouTube watch hours and gives an impression that your videos are loved by them and your opinions are respected. Thus, adding to your credibility. This helps you to become an authority in your niche.

In-Stream Advertisements and Attracted Sponsors

Brands would be more motivated to contact you if you had more reliability and acquaintance as a result of higher watch hours. Additionally, they habitually rely on celebrated channels with a good follower base and long viewership in terms of hours to promote their products or services. In assessment to in-stream commercials, YT does not take a share of the money you make from sponsored content. Consequently, this is the most operative technique of monetizing your channel. But, first you, need believability, as supported by a substantial following and thousands of watch hours. Hence, buy YouTube watch time hours to boost the trustworthiness of your channel, which drive more traffic and more opportunities to collaborate with big companies or other famous influencers in your community.

Affiliate Marketing and Merchandise with a Brand

You’ve seen people creating big bucks from affiliate marketing, nonetheless is affiliate marketing on YouTube something that can work for “the little channel” without great number of subscribers and a lot of content to share? Or else is making money on YouTube reserved for the few that cognize how to get in the virtuous graces of the YT supremacies that be? As, affiliate links are allowed on YouTube. You can buy watch hours and understand how you can use the platform in amalgamation with affiliate marketing to make money as a its Affiliate. You can even sell your own branded items through a reliable outlet.

Get More Time to Frame Your Content Strategy

We will take all the responsibilities off your hands and manage everything for you, allowing you to have a good and stress-free time to plan the script for your next arrivals. Plus, you also get an opportunity to create additional channels for different niches. You can also plan contests and giveaways to boost your viewership even more.


We help creators, to craft a trustworthy channel, so that your audience is more persuaded to trust you and change purchasing decisions in your favour. Then they may also invest in your creativities! One of the modern and most prevalent approaches to earn on YT these days is through crowdfunding from subscribers.

How to Increase Watch Time on YouTube Videos?

What is YouTube Watch Time?

Watch time is the total accumulated amount of time viewers have spent watching your videos on YouTube. It is an important metric of YouTube’s search and discovery algorithm. According to YouTube’s creator academy, the goals of YouTube’s search and discovery system are dual: Help audience find the videos they want to watch and maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction. In October 2012, Google’s platform rolled out a brand-new algorithm designed at gratifying video content that actually engaged viewers and kept them on the platform for as long as possible. The new algorithm now recommends videos that lead to greater Watch Time, with video views terminated being the principal signal to rank content.

YouTube inveterate the update by stating that: “We’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching. The experimental results of this change have proven positive – less clicking, more watching. As with previous optimizations to our discovery features, this should benefit your channel if your videos drive more viewing time across YouTube.”

Watch Time, according to YouTube, is “The amount of time in aggregate that your viewers are watching your videos.” And, according to the Creator Playbook, “YouTube optimizes search and discovery for videos that increase watch time on the site”. It’s a key metric because it uplifts videos and channels with higher watch times in their search results and recommendations section. It does this because the more watch time a video has, the more engaging their algorithm believes it is.

As per Statista, its viewers world-wide are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, threatening to obscure U.S. television viewership, a milestone triggered by the Google unit’s aggressive embrace of artificial intelligence to recommend videos. Feeding those recommendations is an unmatched collection of content: 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute, or 65 years of video a day, as per data by Wall street journal.

According to YouTube's algorithm, a 60-second video that is watched from the beginning to the end will rank higher than a 20- or 30-minute video that is watched only for a couple of minutes. “The corpus of content continues to get richer and richer by the minute, and machine-learning algorithms do a better and better job of surfacing the content that an individual user likes,” YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has touted the stat in the press, too, saying how overall Watch Time on the site (Think with Google) has dramatically increased year over year.

One of the most asked question on Google, Can I buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours or can I buy watchtime for YouTube? Yes, with, you can easily buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for your channel without getting penalized by YouTube.

Does YouTube Watch Time Matter?

Yes, it does. Here’s how: The higher it is, more likely will YouTube promote your channel through search and recommended videos.

What is the Relation between Watch Time and Ranking of a Channel?

According to an industry study by Justin Briggs ( there is a strong correlation between Watch Time and rankings in YouTube search and watch time is the most important aspects of ranking. When you get more watch time for your video, it directs a strong signal to the algorithm that it’s of high-quality. The algorithm then, ranks it for relevant keywords and promote it through related and recommended videos. Therefore, get YouTube watch time now to grow!

What is the Relation Between Watch-Time and Subscriber Base of a Channel?

The more time viewers spend watching your videos, the more your subscribers will grow! Most YouTubers love to buy YouTube subscribers to increase watch time on their channel as well as gain better rankings in the SERPs, whereas some improve YouTube videos organic reach to increase the same.

How to Check Total Watch Time on Your Channel?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click your profile icon in the top right corner, then select YouTube Studio.
  3. From the Channel Dashboard, select Analytics from the left-hand menu.
  4. You can study your watch time in Overview section.
  5. Check out your watch minutes by changing time period from last 28 days to “lifetime”.
  6. You can see the total time in minutes (which will be discussed later in this blog)
  7. Now, you may be wondering, how are YouTube watch hours calculated? Total watch time in hours = Total watch time in minutes divided by 60 Another formula for measuring = Views x Average View Duration.

How to Measure Watch Time Metrics in YouTube Analytics

The Analytics Views Report, Audience Retention Report, and engagement reports will help you measure the performance of your video(s), and overall channel.

Views Report

The Views report represents the exhaustive statistics about accumulated minutes watched. The report also showcases ‘Estimated Minutes Watched’ by video, location, and by date, and shows you which viewers are protruding with, and which they are drooping off.

Audience Retention Report

Audience retention (Increases when you purchase YouTube watch time legit) is a measurement of how many viewers are still watching your video during your video playback. It also represents you the point where they stopped watching. You must optimize the first 15 seconds of each video. A high drop-off rate here would specify that your target audience is not happy with your content and are leaving to watch other creator’s videos.

Relative Audience Retention

Use this report to see how your video compares to similar videos.

Absolute Audience Retention

Views per moment as a percentage of video views

Audience Engagement Report

This report represents how engaged your target audience is, by showing how much of the video they watch.

How does YouTube Algorithm Rank Videos According to Watch Time Accumulated?

The algorithm calculates the watch hours while bearing in mind the video length to ensure fair results. It ranks videos by allotting them a score based on other performance analytics data and performance metric-watch-time. The inkling is not to identify “good” videos, but to match target audience with videos that they want to watch. If you still have a question in your mind, how do you buy organic YouTube watch time?

You can easily buy from us. The target goal is that they spend as much time as possible on its platform (and consequently see as many ads as conceivable)

Buy Organic YouTube Watch Hours Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To apply for the YT Partner Program, YT has established a minimum of 4000 view hours and 1000 subscribers. To be more explicit, once that criterion is met, any creative can begin earning money from their work. You can buy YouTube comments to increase engagement acting as a helping hand to surpass the threshold more easily.Thus, many buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube cheap to get monetized as soon as possible.

What is not permitted on YT is the monetization of videos that violate their monetization policy, such as those with sexual scenes, copyright, and so on. If we determine that your channel qualifies for the service, we simply increase the viewing hours to allow you to monetize your material more quickly. You have the right to commercialize the content you create! Let's not forget that, until a few years ago, YT enabled all channels to profit from the start, including those with no subscribers. The threshold of 4000 hours was implemented to prevent users from monetizing material in violation of YT's monetization policy. There's nothing wrong with using this service to buy YouTube watch hours cheap in a few days/weeks if your material is "monetizable."

Naturally, our business employs safe marketing tactics that incorporate genuine interactions when you buy YouTube watch hours legit. There's no chance that your channel or videos will get less views in the future, rather it's typically the reverse as they acquire authority. Furthermore, almost all of the channels that use our service are monetized. All of the channels were later authorised in the previous several months, owing to our tougher selection criteria. You will be monetized if your material is "monetizable." It's that simple.

The quality of the views [high retention and safety] and all of the various side services included in our campaigns to make them more natural and give the channel a genuine boost is what sets it apart. Boosting its authority rather than just the number of hours worked in a nutshell, high-quality ads with a high success rate and minimal risk of buying YouTube hours.

Yes, as previously said. For our 4000-hours campaigns to increase watch time on YouTube, we employ the highest quality traffic, which includes social sharing, article submissions, and actual traffic through direct advertising. The views are consistent and have a long duration (up to 30 minutes every session). Increase your channel's authority by increasing the amount of time people watch it. One service with two advantages.

No, as discussed multiples times already. At Real Subscribers we provide 100% authentic watch time for your videos and channel. Since it is completely streamlined from organic sources, it is no different from the traffic you naturally receive on your video content. Thus, no one from your audience or competitors will be able to recognize that you have purchased watch time hours on YouTube. This is why 50,000+ creators have chosen our services time and time again.

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