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Buy targeted Youtube subscribers online from that provides targeted subscribers for Youtubers

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Buy targeted Youtube subscribers from which provides targeted subscribers for Youtubers. We provide real living people as subscribers for your Youtube channel that are active users / viewers through organic ways. Hire us today!

To understand the difference between
targeted and general subscribers, let us first understand the niche

What is a niche / category of a Youtuber?

A niche / category is a genre or subset your YouTube channel falls into. For example- fitness, food, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, sports, comedy, education etc.

While a niche / category of any YouTube channel can be wider like Food & Recipes, on the other hand it can also be much more focussed such as Food & Recipes for fitness enthusiasts.

What are targeted subscribers?

“Targeted YouTube subscribers” are the people who are inclined and interested in watching content same / similar to your channel’s niche and ultimately with their interest become the subscriber.

Difference between
targeted subscribers and general subscribers

Targeted subscribers

These are real living people who are similar
(like minded) to the subscribers your Youtube channel
currently has. These are highly engaging on
niches similar to your channel

General subscribers

These are real living people who are active
on Youtube and engage (share, comment, like)
on all types of niches rather than on
your particular niche.

Why you should buy
targeted subscribers over general subscribers?


Great engagement

Since these are active YouTube users who are interested in content similar to yours, they will watch your videos and engage in terms of likes / shares / comments. This will ultimately lead to a better engagement rate.


Better discoverability

When these targeted subscribers will spend time on your channel, it will help your channel generate a greater watch time. This will boost your discoverability.


More traffic

These targeted subscribers will allow you to achieve better ranking in the SERPs and hence, more traffic will be driven towards your channel.


More sales

For brands more traffic translates into driving more potential leads and ultimately more sales. Hence, targeted subscribers are a necessity for brands.


Builds an online reputation

A YouTube channel with more audience will always seem more popular among a community as it serves as evidence that your channel offers quality content. Hence, your channel attracts even more audience.

How many days do
we need to deliver your ordered subscribers?

The subscribers provided by us are real people who are active YouTube users. Hence, our process is purely organic. Thus, to deliver your promised targeted subscribers we require 30-60 days. We employ tried & tested methods keeping up with the changes in the YouTube algorithm, perfected by our experts over the years.

What does our process include?

In order to provide you targeted subscribers, we follow a simple process

Provide your details by signing up

Fill up your details as requested in the registration form and login in. Our Youtube channel experts will call you within 24-38 hours to discuss your needs.

Analysis of your channel by our experts

Our experts will thoroughly analyse your YouTube channel and your target audience to understand which plan is most appropriate for the growth of your channel.

Plan recommendation by our experts

ur experts will contact you to recommend you the best suitable plan and course of action for your YouTube channel.

Subscribers delivered through organic methods

Once our experts understand your target segment, we use methods such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing etc. to help your content reach your target audience and in 30-60 days your subscribers are delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can targeted subscribers help your business to grow?

Targeted subscribers are real people who are interested in watching your content and hence, will spend a lot of time on your channel. This will boost your discoverability on the platform and lead to more leads and sales.

2. How do we deliver targeted subscribers?

We use purely organic methods to bring your content to your target audience which ultimately leads to increase in your subscribers.

3. Is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers?

Yes. Since we use purely organic methods in order to deliver subscriber to your channel, it is safe to buy YouTube subscribers from us.