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YouTube Verification

The biggest social proof and feat of legitimacy a creator can achieve on YouTube is getting a grey check next to their name i.e., being youtube verified. If a grey check mark appears next to your name, you already have credibility in the eyes of viewers. It also helps in organic channel growth, as viewers tend to trust a channel verified by YouTube more, and thus, are more likely to click on a video by a YouTube approved channel.

Although, getting verified on YouTube and subsequently, maintaining it is not an easy job. But before we bring out the big guns, let’s get down to basics!

In this blog, we will get deep dive into whole YouTube verification process:

How to get verified on Youtube
  • What is Youtube Verification?
  • What is the eligibility to get youtube verification badge?
  • How to get verified on youtube without 100k subs?
  • How to apply for a verification badge?
  • How to maintain your grey checkmark?
  • How to become eligible for verification badge quickly?

Stay tuned as we breakdown each one of these!

What is Youtube Verification?

What is Youtube Verification?

Youtube provides a grey checkmark or a grey music note mark to those who apply for becoming a youtube verified channel and subsequently, get approved. Being a YouTube verified channel contributes immensely in your credibility and a viewer instantly knows that they will get authentic and quality content on your YouTube channel. They instantly know that the channel is driven by a credible creator, or an organisation or a brand.

However, channels with the grey check mark or a youtube verified badge do not get any additional or exclusive benefits or access to features from Youtube. Many people get confused between verification of a youtube account and verification of a youtube channel. Verifying a youtube account means adding your contact number while creating a channel, while, on the other hand verifying a youtube channel means applying for a verification badge.

What is the eligibility to get verified badge on Youtube?

What is the eligibility to get verified badge on Youtube

According to Youtube Help, a channel should fulfil the following three conditions to become eligible to apply for a verification badge:

1. Minimum subscribers

A channel should have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers. Content creators also buy YouTube subscribers that real and active users to achieve 100,000 subscribers on their channel.

2. Authentic content

Your youtube channel should consist of completely authentic content. If during review process, youtube finds out that your channel contains copied content, or and imitating another creator or brand, it will not provide your channel with a grey check mark.

3. Complete profile

Your channel should be complete, i.e., you should have a channel icon, a banner, complete description, quality content and should be regular with your video uploads.

If you fulfil all the above category, you can gladly go ahead and apply for a verification badge.

How to get verified on youtube without 100k subs?

How to get verified on youtube without 100k subs

You sometimes might have seen channels with less than 100,000 subscribers with a grey check mark. These are creators or brands who are well known outside the YouTube community i.e., have a legitimacy, have a loyal audience and provide real value to their viewers. If you are someone like this, what are you waiting for? Apply for a grey check mark right now!

How to apply for a verification badge?

How to apply for a verification badge

If you are wondering how to get verified on YouTube, follow the following steps to successfully apply for a grey checkmark on your youtube channel:

Step 1-

Make sure you are logged in from the right Gmail account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the “Apply Now” anchor text on the Google Support page.

Step 2-

Go to Google Support page about YouTube Verification. There you will see “Apply Now”, under Apply for Channel Verification. However, if you are not eligible, you will not be able to see this.

Step 3-

Click on Apply Now and will get find an application form asking for Channel Name and Channel ID. You can find your channel ID in the advanced settings of your account (YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings).

Step 4-

After filling the application form all you have to do is hit the submit button and wait for a few weeks for the verdict. Youtube also sends you a confirmation email.

Still wondering how to get your youtube channel verified?

How to maintain your grey checkmark?

How to maintain your grey checkmark

Once you get verified on Youtube, it is completely possible that you lose your Youtube verification badge. Below are some of the reasons which could lead to this:

Losing Subscribers

If you lose subscribers and the total subscribers become less than 100,000, then your verification badge becomes invalid.

Violating Youtube Policies

If your content violates Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, this will again lead to losing your grey checkmark.

Unethical practices

If you succumb to any practices such as spamming that are considered as unethical by YouTube, you will lose your verification badge.

Inauthentic Content

If YouTube finds that you content is ripped from some other creator or channel or is inauthentic in any manner, your verification badge will be at stake.

Changing Channel Name

If you change your channel name, your verification badge instantly becomes invalidated. However, you can apply again by following the steps mentioned above.

How to become eligible for Youtube channel verification badge quickly?

How to become eligible for Youtube channel verification badge quickly

In order to become eligible to apply for a grey checkmark on your channel, follow these practices:

Optimize your videos

Optimize your video title, tags and meta description using relevant and powerful keywords. You can find keywords using tools such as Google Trends and Keyword Planner. When you do so, your videos become more discoverable to viewers and thus, you gain more organic traffic. Thus, you get more views and ultimately more subscribers.

Ask viewers to subscribe

Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and ending of each video. This makes your viewers feel obliged to subscribe to your channel. Also, some of the viewers are on the edge whether to subscribe or not, but when you warmly ask them to, they become a subscriber.

Interact with viewers

It is very crucial that you interact deeply with your audience. When you do so, the overall engagement on your channel increases, which helps you get better ranking in the SERPs. Ask your viewers to like, share and comment on your video. Reply to as many comments as possible for maximum engagement. This makes your audience loyal to channel and helps you gain more subscribers.

Are you still wondering how to become eligible for verification badge, or how to apply for one? Get started now!

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