Why Youtubers shouldn’t buy Youtube subscribers (& What to do instead)

NEVER Buy YouTube Subscribers (& What to do instead)

Every YouTuber has gone through this dilemma of deciding whether to break their sweat to earn their first few YouTube subscribers organically or just buy them and kick off their channel from the ground to achieve monetization easily.

Let me make it easier for you- don’t!

Since these are not real YouTube users but merely bot applications that are created to increase your subscriber base, you violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. Keep scrolling and reading to know why I’m advising against it as today in this blog I’m going to break down all the downsides of buying YouTube subscribers for your Youtube channel.

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First, let us learn what YouTube says about this practice of buying fake YouTube subscribers:

Fake Engagement Policy: YouTube doesn’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metric either through the use of automatic systems or by serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. Additionally, content that solely exists to incentivize viewers for engagement (views, likes, comments, etc.) is prohibited. Content and channels that don't follow this policy may be terminated and removed from YouTube. Offering to subscribe to another creator’s channel only if they subscribe to your channel (“sub4sub”) is also prohibited.


Also, YouTube states, “The number of subscribers in YouTube Analytics may be different than the subscriber count on your YouTube channel. The number in YouTube Analytics is approximately 48 hours behind. The delay lets us perform extra verification and spam reviews so the numbers are accurate.”


For one hypothetical moment, let’s assume that you don’t fall into the YouTube algorithm’s notice and it does not shut down your channel, there are many other ways in which this practice will definitely harm your YouTube channel in the long run.

Keep reading to know how.

What buying Youtube subscribers might cost Youtubers and what should they do instead

Relatively lower watch time

Relatively lower watch time

When your subscribers increase organically, so does the over all watch time generated by your channel. But when you buy bots as fake YouTube subscribers, they cannot watch your videos to generate watch time and hence, your YouTube channel yields relatively lower watch time which harms the ranking of your channels videos as well.

Low Engagement

Low Engagement

YouTube measures engagement on videos in terms of likes / dislikes, comments, shares etc. Even when you buy fake views along with inactive subscribers for your YouTube channel, the views on your videos do increase but the engagement does not. Hence, the videos which generate very low engagement do not perform well Youtube in the search results and neither in the Youtube suggestion videos, and moreover the overall performance of the channels gets hampered.

Poor ranking of the channel

Poor ranking of the channel

YouTube’s algorithm vigorously promotes the videos that produce huge watch time as YouTube wants users to spend as much time as possible on its platform. If you purchased YouTube subscribers that are mere from software programs and are not human beings, your videos might not accumulate good figure in watch hours and hence, YouTube’s algorithm can bury your videos beneath your competitors.

Deteriorates your channel reputation

Deteriorates your channel reputation

Let’s say you have been a creator on YouTube for quite a while, but the growth curve for your channel is gradually getting a flat. If you decide to buy bots as YouTube subscribers at this point, it will do harm for your channel than good. As Youtube algorithm continually monitors each and every channel deeply, it can get a glimpse that something is wrong at your end, which will ultimately will hamper the reputation of your channel as well as your reputation as a creator.

While on one hand YouTube widely discourages fake engagement, it does allow increasing subscribers and views through naturally hence Youtubers should always focus on increasing their subscribers organically through various methods such as:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising - search engine marketing (SEM or PPC)
  • social media marketing
  • promoting through social media communities
  • promoting through social media groups
  • Self promotion on Youtube and asking to subscribe
  • Promotion through blogs
  • Small incentivizations

Or you can simply leave it to the Youtube channel growth experts and consultants that have expertise to grow your Youtube channel naturally and also buy Youtube subscribers that are real humans, targeted, active, engaging on Youtube, legit and moreover organic in an indirect way – i.e. from our website - Realsubscribers.com.

YouTube itself states that, “We consider engagement to be legitimate when a human user’s primary intent is to interact with content free of coercion or deception, or where the sole purpose of the engagement is financial gain.”

When you buy YouTube subscribers that are humans which give real engagement or for growing your Youtube channel through our Youtube Channel consultation service, your channel deserve not to be penalized from Youtube. If you find this helpful feel free to share the knowledge!

Pro tip- Even if you buy YouTube subscribers that are real people and are increased on your YouTube channel through organic means such as SEO, SMO, promotion, etc., these subscribers will not stay subscribed to your channel if you do not provide the content they were expecting to see.

In order to do so, consider the following practices-

Upload consistently

The only reason people have subscribed to your channel is to watch your content. If you do not publish videos regularly, they will eventually unsubscribe.

Interact with your audience

When you interact with your viewers through the comment section or the community tab, you show them that they hold importance for you. This makes them more loyal towards your channel.