Top USA Vloggers (Youtubers) – Top USA Youtube Channels of 2021

Top USA Youtubers

Vlogging or video blogging is the much-required glow up blogging needed to make things interesting. Since video content has more influence over the viewers than written or any other form of content, vloggers have become a hit among the generation Z.

They share their lifestyle, travel diaries, beauty hacks, product reviews and much more in these video logs very frequently. They have managed to create a meaningful bond with their followers through intimate vlogs where they share their day-to-day lives.

Here are the top USA vloggers on YouTube (Youtubers) of 2021, we enlisted after digging through the masses.

Mr. Kate

Mr Kate

Kate Albrecht, better known by her YouTube name Mr. Kate is a 35-year-old vlogger from Los Angeles, California. She began her YouTube career back in August 2009 and since then her channel has gathered 4.01 million subscribers and 394 million channel views from a total of 573 videos as of May 2020. She shares videos about life, style, interior design and DIY. She collaborates with fellow YouTubers such as LaurDIY and Jeffree Star frequently on her channel. She even shares very personal moments with her YouTube family such as her pregnancy journey. She runs a fashion and interior design blog by the same name.


May Baby

Meg DeAngelis, better known by her YouTube name, MayBaby is 24-year-old YouTuber from Los Angeles, California. Born in Toronto, Canada, Meg began her YouTube career in April 2008 and since then her YouTube channel has gained 4.92 million subscribers and 368 million channel views from a total of 189 videos as of May 2020. Early on her channel focused on cheerleading stunts and routine videos and gradually her focus shifted towards morning routines, room tours and DIY videos. Meg starred in the YouTube Red Original movie ‘Dance Camp’ and is even part of the sketch comedy group ‘JustLikeThat’.


Thread Banger

The ThreadBanger YouTube channel was started by Rob and Corrine back in March 2007. Since then their YouTube channel has gained 3.92 million subscribers and 1.18 million channel views from a total of 889 videos as of May 2020. Describing their channel as ‘Threadbanger...Not Yo Mama's DIY Channel’, they share unconventional and wild Do It Yourself videos from ‘Camping in the Backyard’ to ‘Past Art’ and from ‘Gelatin flowers’ to ‘Gingerbread shot glass challenge’. Rob and Corrine won the prestigious Webby Award for the Best Web Personality Channel in 2017.

Maddie and Elijah

Maddie and Elijah

21-year-old YouTubers Maddie Joy and Elijah Wireman started the channel Maddie and Elijah about four years ago in June 2016. Since then their YouTube channel has gained 1.83 million subscribers and amassed over 264 million channel views from a total of 299 videos as of May 2020. Uploading videos every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Maddie and Elijah share videos about vlogs, challenges and pranks.

Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet

Alissa is a 23-year-old YouTuber, model and actress from Brunswick, Ohio. Violet began her YouTube career back in February 2015. Since then her channel has gathered 3.88 million YouTube subscribers and gained over 237 million channel views from a total of 58 videos as of May 2020. She shares vlogs, travel diaries and comedy videos on her YouTube channel which often feature her friends. Alissa has modelled for brands such as Converse and boohoo. She appeared in the movie ‘The Deleted’ in 2016. In 2017, Violet released a song called ‘Its Every night Sis’.



Nathan, better known as Unspeakable, is a 22-year-old YouTuber from Houston, Texas. He first began his YouTube career in October 2012 with his gaming channel known as UnspeakableGaming wherein he shares gaming videos playing Minecraft and other such games. He started his vlog channel, Unspeakable, in May 2016 and since then his channel has shown a remarkable growth. In just four years, his vlog channel has gained 6.62 million subscribers and gained almost 2.2 billion channel views from a total of 428 videos as of May 2020. He shares videos about pulling pranks on his friends, drive crazy cars, attempting insane challenges like ‘DO NOT LAUGH challenge’ and much more.

Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn McKnight and Bailey McKnight are 20-year-old identical twin YouTubers from Allen, Texas. They started their YouTube journey in November 2010 and since then their channel, Brooklyn and Bailey, has gained a huge following of 6.78 million YouTube subscribers and amassed over 1.2 billion channel views from 433 videos as of May 2020. Uploading every Wednesday, Brooklyn and Bailey share videos about family vlogs, crafting, fashion and beauty. Currently freshmen at Baylor University, Brooklyn and Bailey are daughters of another successful YouTuber Mindy McKnight, who owns the channel ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles’ and has over 5.65 million subscribers.

All the top vloggers, USA have something different to offer to their audience. However, the one common trait between all these vloggers is the fact they always find a way to create content that will resonate with their viewers and at the same time, encourage them to engage with your content as well as, keep them coming back for the next video you will publish. In each video, these top vloggers find new ways to be entertaining and engaging. Moreover, they interact a lot with their viewers to keep them loyal to their vlogging channel.

Which one of these is your favorite YouTuber? Feel free to share if you agree with our picks for the Top USA Vloggers / Youtubers of 2021.

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