How Beauty Vloggers (YouTubers) can Make Money in 2021 - Secrets revealed

How beauty youtubers can make money

Beauty blogs have been around for a long time with an engaged and dedicated audience but beauty vlogs are the obvious glow up these blogs needed. While beauty vlogging is the best way to be creative and share your passion for beauty with an audience, it sure has its own perks.

How much money do beauty channels Youtube channels make (earn)?

Top beauty influencers earn between $300,000 to $1Million in one month Beauty channels Micro-influencers earn between $10,000 to $100,000 in one month Now, let us explore how these numbers can be achieved

If you are here you have probably heard the likes of Vivian Vo-Farmer, the 22 year old beauty vlogger from Los Angeles with over 1.75 million subscribers and over 13 billion views and a net worth of $500,000 or of Shreya Jain, the 20 something beauty vlogger from India with 570,000 subscribers and over 113 million views.

Let’s jump into how you as a beauty vlogger can make money in 2021

Monetize your beauty Youtube channel

How to Monetize beauty Youtube channel

The major portion of the revenue of vloggers comes from Google AdSense. AdSense is an easy way to earn money through advertisements on your videos / website, without actually stepping a foot in the mess of selling ads or managing ad inventories- as Google does it for you. It automatically adds the relevant ads before/ after/ in between your video. According to Google Revenue Policy, Google pays you 68% of whatever the advertiser pays Google. You get the option of choosing whatever type of Ads suits your Youtube channel, making the AdSense as the most preferred platform for content creators to earn thick volumes of revenue. Hence, Youtube and AdSense algorithms will show beauty brands’ products Ads to the people whom you have attracted through your channel that are already interested in beauty tips / products and therefore chances of Ads clicks and ultimately their sales increases. Further, according to on an average a beauty YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1000 ad views*.

*Note:- Ads related to beauty brands / products

Consistency for Vlogs for better engagement and ultimately more money

Youtube SEO for beauty Youtube channel

Starting a channel dedicated to your beauty vlogs is just the first step in this process but being consistent with your content is whole another story. It is like the core ingredient for launching a successful beauty vlogging channel. The more audience you manage to engage, the more your viewer base grows and the more channel views and ad views you receive which ultimately contributes in thickening your wallet.

Make killer Youtube SEO Strategy for your channel

Video SEO on Youtube is a crucial skill you have to leverage. You have to keep your videos among the top-ranking videos on YouTube by implementing the right combination of strategies that will attract buyer persona.

To optimize your videos for the YouTube search engine, here the best practices which should focus on:

Analyze your target audience, and research about their needs / wants - e.g. – beauty tips for brides

Do your keyword research according the potential audience of your channel – beauty hacks lovers

Use SEO friendly tags

Use keyword in titles

Well-designed and eye-catchy thumbnail as people scan thumbnails first.

Describe your videos through meta – description tag. It should contain keywords with respect to SEO and should describe your video in a crisp way.

Use sub titles in your video. There should be a story in the video – a start , climax, conclusion

Try to be unique

Demonstrate your competitive advantages on the first go – what differentiates you as a beauty channel

Make sure that your video contains appropriate call to actions in between for better relationship.

These all ensures maximum traffic towards your beauty youtube channel and once your beauty videos are able to hook the viewer to your channel, more videos from your channel will surface on the suggested videos and giving you more views and watch hours. And money lies where watch hours and views are.

Launch a supporting blog to your Beauty YouTube channel

Another way for beauty youtubers to make money is by launching a supporting blog to their beauty YouTube channel. After three months of launch, you can monetize your blog through Google AdSense, and earn through ad clicks. Moreover, you can embed the links of your beauty YouTube videos in your blogs and drive traffic from there to your YouTube channel. This is also result in more ad clicks, and thus, more money.

Diversify your content to attract wide audience ( May be more Beauty Youtube channels dedicated to one niche each)

influencer marketing on youtube channel

Viewers consume content from a variety of vloggers but it is on you to give them a reason to come back to you time and time again. The sure shot way of doing this is through diversifying your content within your niche. While sticking to one particular niche is always preferable for a vlogger, there is no said rule for expanding your content within your niche. For example: one can launch more channels, each suited to a different sub category. A beauty vlogger can launch different channels dedicated specifically to hair care, make up, men’s grooming etc. Once you acquire a loyal fan base on one of your platforms, they will follow your other ventures as well. This is a great trick to increase your subscribers, your watch hours and your income girth. Hence, you can attract larger group, hence more money through AdSense.

Build your own brand: Create and sell your own beauty products

How to build brand on beauty Youtube channel

Once you understand your audience and their needs, turn your channel into an ecommerce beauty products platform, you can use your knowledge of products and their application to create, promote and sell your own line of products. While using a lot of branded and expensive beauty products is the new hot thing, some people still like to rely on healthy domestic remedies. Selling products based on domestic remedies will attract a new legion of audience towards your platform. You can also design personalized merchandise to sell on your channel and attract people with great schemes along with your products to entice your viewer base to purchase your products giving your sales a boost and your bank account a depth.

Influencer Marketing via brand integration in your videos

Tying up with brands to advertise and endorse their products is yet another lucrative way. You as a beauty vlogger can earn impressive pay checks. This is how brand integration works: Brands approach top beauty vloggers to market their product and give positive reviews about them. In return, they are paid quite fairly.

If your viewers buy a product through an affiliate link mentioned in the description of your video, they receive a portion of the revenue earned by the brand ( a concept of affiliate marketing) .

According to Evan Edingar, “Not only the beauty vloggers are promoting something they enjoy, but they are also getting a 5-20% kick back on that.” After digging the success mantra, let’s dive into the story of one of the most influential beauty vloggers, James Charles.

James Charles is a 20 years old beauty influencer from New York. Starting out in 2014, he managed to gather a net worth of $12 million (source- Wikipedia), becoming the first male cover ambassador of Cover Girl. In the span of 6 years his YouTube channel has amassed 16.8 million followers and over 1.9 billion views. He has created the most engaged online fan community called Charles’s sisters by having heart to heart conversations with his fanbase. He collaborated with fellow influencers like Jeffree Star and Jenna Marbles on his platform and did make up for celebs like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. James went on to launch his own make up palette in collaboration with Morphe. He started out with what he describes himself by, “a boy with a few blending brushes” and became a huge beauty influencer. You can also grow your youtue channel by buying cheap youtube subscribers.

Beauty vlogging has been around for a while and it will stick around for has long as long as you keep it fresh and creative. If you are in it for fun or looking at it as a business opportunity, beauty vlogging is for sure a horizon that keeps on growing and with that if you stay true to this mantra, so can your income flow. Now it is up to you to decide which of these ways suits your cause best; if it is one of these tips or it’s using all of them at once.

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