Best Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE

Best Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE

Dubai offers brands a vibrant ecosystem for business, growth, and development. But needless to say, it also offers fierce competition and rising consumer interest with counterintuitive reduction in attention span. Marketing is one such method where the audience and consumers are engaged in creative and innovative ways to match the brand, product, and consumers aspirations. We have found that Influencer marketing is the most promising and prominent methodology of consumer engagement as it helps brands strategically navigate the complex landscape of marketing on various fronts like Internet in toto, specifically social media platforms, and adjoining areas like websites, ecommerce platforms, etc. and allows them to gain a competitive edge. Various influencer marketing agencies in UAE are eager to offer their services but to collaborate with which agency is the question of the hour.

Influencer markting agency in Dubai bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, enabling brands to leverage the power of social media influencers effectively. By collaborating with these companies, brands can tap into the deep understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends that these professionals possess.

  • In a recent survey, 76.9% of marketers declared influencer marketing as a top priority, with 46.2% increasing budgets for 2023.
  • The Economic Times noted that, brands are shifting focus and budgets from traditional media channels to influencer marketing, shaping consumer perceptions.

The insight generated by the best influencer marketing company in Dubai allows brands to identify the most relevant influencers for their target audience and craft campaigns that resonate authentically and stay culturally appealing.

Take for example,

  • KitKat's "Have a Break" Campaign
    • Brand: KitKat
    • Influencers: Diverse range of UAE-based micro and macro-influencers
    • Campaign Structure: Influencers promoted the idea of taking a break with KitKat, tying it into relatable moments and encouraging user-generated content with a hashtag.
    • Results:
      Increased brand engagement.
      Successful integration of the brand's message into everyday lifestyle content.

Moreover, these companies offer a range of services that streamline the entire process, from campaign strategy and influencer selection to content creation and performance analysis. By outsourcing these tasks to experts, brands can save valuable time and resources while ensuring that their campaigns are executed with precision and impact.

Brands collaborated and gained an advantage by collaborating with these companies and the results leveraged by these brands were very positive and affirmative. For instance,

  • Coca-Cola Middle East - "Summer of Sharing" campaign
  • Emirates Airlines - "Fly Better"
  • Dubai Tourism - "MyDubai Trip"
  • Puma Middle East - "PumaWomen"
  • Dior Beauty Middle East - "Dior Backstage"
  • Atlantis The Palm - "Staycation Experience"

Brands must understand the need of the hour and moreover the importance of collaborating with influencer marketing agencies in the Middle East in strategic campaign curation. But why? The fundamental aspect that influencer marketing agencies in UAE can provide is of far importance, lets see in detail.

In the evolving digital domain, these platforms provide brands with access to an extensive network of influencers and industry contacts. This network enables brands to establish meaningful partnerships with influencers who align with their values and objectives, thus maximising the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The partnership between brands and an influencer marketing company in UAE is essential for gaining a strategic advantage in Dubai’s influencer marketing landscape and competitive market environment of Dubai, UAE.

Lets checkout the list of influencer marketing companies in Middle East you can partner with.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in UAE



Grynow is on top among all the best influencer marketing companies in Dubai, UAE. It came into inception in 2017 and in the due course of time it has gained humongous popularity and recognition. The credit for its top-notch performance goes to remarkable work ethics, content quality, best influencer marketing experts in Dubai, and tech and data driven functioning.

Grynow has experience of working with the best of the best brands. It has also provided an immense boost to small and medium enterprises. It has gained a holistic presence and has become the top choice for all the brands interested in Influencer marketing.


  • 1200+ clients
  • AI dashboard
  • 300 million+ influencers
  • Global Presence
  • More than 32,000 personalised influencers campaigns
  • Awarded the best influencer marketing agency by Economic Times

2. UGC Agency:


UGC agency offers a completely different strategic approach to influencer marketing in Dubai. They integrate influencer marketing as well as allow the brands to leverage the power of user generated content to integrate in their marketing funnel.

UGC Agency is among the best influencer marketing agencies in the Middle East because they provide quick-fire, efficient, personalised, customised, and creative content. They encompass strategic campaign curation, right influencer selection, and data driven optimisation of all their campaigns.


  • 100 Million on boarded influencers
  • Nuanced understanding of consumer Behaviour
  • Superlative market research
  • Multi-dimensional influencer marketing offerings
  • High end professionalism

3. Videaze:


Videaze has carved its place out of their sheer dedication in the domain. They have produced some of the most remarkable campaigns and have provided nuanced results for their clients. They have an edge of the spectrum of content.

Videaze’s approach is completely customer centric and user focused. They have the best subject matter experts in their team who are data driven and goal oriented. This one of the top influencer marketing agencies in the Middle East has taken the level of personalisation to a newer heights.


  • 500+ clients
  • 7+ years of Experience
  • 10,000+ videos delivered
  • Affordable and efficient
  • Organic outreach

4. YTubeSEO:


YTubeSEO is ranked 4 in our top influencer marketing agencies in UAE list. They offer a comprehensive influencer marketing services across different social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. They induce their innovation and creativity in the campaigns and ensure that it bear handsome results.

YTubeSEO has another remarkable offering which is various tools for streamlining the influencer content reach through their Title Generator, Tags Generator, YouTube Description Generator, and Hashtag Generator.


  • Multiple tools for efficient functioning
  • 90 Million Influencers
  • Holistic understanding of social media platforms
  • Multiple successful campaigns and results
  • Increased rankings

5. Videos Commerce:


Videos Commerce is on our 5 rank in top influencer marketing agencies in UAE list. They have in-depth expertise in Dubai’s influencer marketing campaign creation. They majorly target ecommerce and social commerce platforms with their campaigns. They have delivered multiple results for their clients belonging to social commerce and ecommerce.

Videos Commerce provides high quality videos and brands end-to-end, differentiated, customised and quick-firing video. Their content optimization is highly relevant and rides the wave of recent trends in the whole influencer and digital marketing industry.


  • Top-notch influencer selection
  • AI Dashboard
  • Data driven strategies
  • State-of-the-art tools and technologies
  • Nuanced understanding of ecommerce platforms


Introduction: is placed on our 6 rank in the top influencer marketing agency in Dubai. was created to serve the Dubai and Middle East based brand with deeper understanding. has all the functionalities of and has overly grown into the minutes and cracks of the cultural phenomena of UAE, so much so that they have become very integral to the Dubai, UAE marketing landscape. They have a much deeper understanding of the culture and society of the UAE.


  • Cultural Withstanding
  • 300 Million+ influencers
  • AI dashboard
  • 1200+ Clients
  • Data driven strategists
  • 100K+ delivered videos
  • 30,000+ influencer campaigns

7. IGPackages:


IG Packages have Dubai’s best influencer marketing experts and they are happy to help businesses and brands thrive. Their goal is simple: to elevate your brand's reach, recognition, and revenue. They understand the power of influence, and they know how to harness it effectively for a brand's success.


  • Tailored Strategies
  • Influencer Expertise
  • Creative Excellence
  • Strategic Approach
  • Authenticity and Trust

Way Forward

In conclusion, the partnership between brands and influencer marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE, is indispensable for brands. Brands must come forward and collaborate and leverage the industry expertise of these top influencer marketing companies in Dubai, UAE for their operational and growth efficiency.